Thursday, January 29, 2015


The Conservative party's problem ain't so much with socialism as it with reality. If you really hate socialism, you hate cops, firemen, safe roads, libraries, and thank god in Canada, nurses and doctors and hospitals.

And you don't hate cops and nurses do you? You may even be one!

Haiti's a great example of right wing ideology brought to practice. Privatized water, privatize power, privatized port authority, privatized hospitals.

A country sold to the first bidder by the IMF to finance an international debt load for money that was hustled out of the country as soon as possible: the NeoCon/NeoLib wet dream. Worked out great of about a hundred people. Until it all went to shit. Except for those hundred people: it's still going great for them.

Then countries all over the world had to lend Haiti there Socialist Institutions: their armies, hospital med vac operations, doctors and nurses trained in socialist institutions.

How much do think it would cost a corporation to make a doctor. What cost saving measure would they institute, label as unnecessary, in an effort to maximize the cost to profit ratio in the manufacturing of a nurse or doctor.

No. We know there are things and institutions that are best not trusted to the tyranny of the profit margin.

That's for other countries. Haiti; for example.

And you may not be able to see this riding your horse on your cattle ranch some where east of the badlands. But your beef only can get to market because we all take care of the roads. Socialism.

The butcher that sells yours beef  has access to a safe place to do business because of the diligence of our police force. Socialism.

But socialism is more than that. It goes deeper. It is the unwritten social contract. The Golden Rule at its most idyllic: the don't tread on me ethos. Live and let be.

Economic Socialism is being adult about the situation and saying, Look:(Dude) We got a lot to take of here. Let's all chip in and we'll try to get it done cheaply. We'll bargain for a group rate. No one should have to make a huge profit here. But we want to pay a fair rate so we get a good job done so we don't have to do it again next year. Would do you think? It makes sense. right?

Anyone who is against that--- well like I said: try Haiti. Oh yeah, you already did.

With All my love to my brothers and sisters in Haiti: We're all in this together!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Brought to you this by Saturday's National Front Post!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ezra you racist neo-fascist sack of lying crap. May your asshole prick of a g*d smite you with half the disregard for common decency that you show to your fellow man. You are a warmonger and a propagator of hatred of the worst kind. Your viewers seep in the self righteous loathing that always accompanies those who easily believe false claims of transgression, all the while, openly transgressing on all that could be considered 'good' and decent in modern society. It was a fucking eulogy, dude! Jesus fucking Christ, man! What the fuck happened to you as a child to warrant such hatred and bile emanating from someone of obvious privilege?


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